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Banjie Nicholas



Silverpoint. To Banjie Nicholas the word suggested something shiny, durable and possibly medieval so when a silverpoint course was offered at the New York Botanical Garden where she had received certificates in Natural Science and Botanical Illustration she decided to take it. It was a three day course that was to leave an indelible impact on her approach to drawing.

Drawing with any medium is a personal focused way to examine a subject of interest but drawing with silver raises the art to a level of elegance. The silver stylus, held and used as a pencil, produces line and tone of a delicate and luminous nature as the surface catches and reflects light. When first applied the silver line appears grey but over time a silverpoint drawing will oxidize in response to the atmosphere around it and tarnish to a warm patina unlike any other medium.

Ms. Nicholas tells her students “If you can draw, you can draw with silverpoint.” It is medium experiencing a resurgence of interest and definitely worth investigating.