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Watertown Art League

Waterbury Hospital Hallway Gallery Show

The Art Hall of Waterbury Hospital is available to the Watertown Art League from April 23 until June 4, 2013.  The hallway holds approximately 24 pieces of art work of various sizes.  Art league members who would like to participate in this display and sale should contact May Phillips by phone or e-mail to let her know that you will be participating.  Each artist may bring 2 framed and wired pieces. 

If you would like to be included in this exhibit there is no charge, however, 25% of any sale goes to the Hospital Auxiliary.  Each artist must sign a waiver for the auxiliary and is asked to submit a short self biography, one to two paragraphs. The art work should include artist name, price, medium and painting name.  We will have forms available when you drop off.  Artists may attach their cards to front of painting.

Drop off will be April 23rd from 4-5 PM and the paintings will be hung at 5PM.  We will try to make arrangements for drop off parking in the front.  All art work must be for sale.  All paid members may exhibit.

Those seeking additional information may call May at 203-574-2835 or ephillips06@snet.net or visit http://run.to/WAL